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Connect your content with the global network of online scholarly research.

Our tools and services allow people to find, cite, link, and assess your publications. This leads to greater discovery and tracking of published research outputs.

About you

We have 10013 members from 114 countries. Many types of organizations interact with Journals Association of India. You could be a research institution, a publisher, a government agency, a research funder, or a start-up. In order to become a member, register content and deposit metadata you’ll need to meet one criterion:

You want to share research outputs through metadata and persistent identifiers and/or you represent organizations who do.

Your content could include:

  • Journals and journal articles
  • Books and book chapters
  • Conference proceedings
  • Technical reports
  • Working papers
  • Preprints
  • Standards
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Reviews
  • Components (e.g. graphs, figures)

If you don’t meet the criteria to become a member but instead want to look up metadata or add it into your own software, check out our Metadata Delivery services.

A promise

Joining Journals Association of India is a promise to look after your content. For our part, we promise to maintain and develop the community infrastructure for the long-term.

Membership therefore comes with a bit of work on your end. Journals Association of India members make every effort to improve the quality and completeness of metadata. Once you’re in, we give you a prefix for your DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers), you create the suffixes and you begin to register content with us.

You do this by regularly depositing metadata that includes persistent identifiers and comprehensive information about the content. Your work to create and maintain the metadata is ongoing.

To apply to join Journals Association of India please click the ‘join’ button below. This application form will ask you for information such as:

  • Organization name
  • Organization website (URL)
  • Business contact, billing contact, metadata/technical contact (we need three different people)
  • Fee category
  • Confirmation that you have read a summary of your membership obligations.