Syntax of a DOIE name


Benefits of DOIE

Save on the time and costs

DOIEs work to a typical norm with a concurred language structure and semantic content. That makes sharing information from various sources simpler.

Easier to work together and expand the worth of your substance by offering to other people

Know exactly what assets you have, and on which terms

The associated metadata can be modified over time, allowing you to add to the description of objects to facilitate services, integration with partners’ data, or to ease transactions with other organisations.

Locate assets quickly and choose them with ease and accuracy

DOIEs are not only the key to locating your assets permanently, they can also resolve to other services and to multiple locations of the same object with certainty that the objects are indeed the same – for example, the same material residing in a publisher’s hosted content and in a third party open repository.

Create applications to leverage maximum value from your content and assets

As the DOIE system is platform–independent, data from different sources can be shared easily and output in multiple formats to suit your goals, and is future-proofed.